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Economic Condition
Batangas Province

Gross Value Added in Major Industry Group
Economic Condition By Percentage
Investment Condition

Minimum Daily Wage P 170 (non-agricultural; $ 6.48 equivalent at currency rate P 26.25: $ 1)
Banking Institutions 180 including branches, province-wide
Ports Batangas International Port, Batangas City Other Privately- Owned Ports Existing
Main Arteries Southern Tagalog Access Road or STAR (also known as South Luzon Expressway Extension, directly linking Metro Manila to the Batangas International Port and due for completion early 1999) Pres. Jose P. Laurel Highway connecting Metro Manila to Batangas
Industrial Estates(On-Going) First Batangas Industrial Park, Inc. (Bauan) LIMA Technology (On-going/Proposed) Park (Lipa City) RLC Special Economic Zone(Batangas City) First Philippine Industrial Park, Inc. (Sto. Tomas) Rancho Montana Economic Zone (Tanauan)
Power Supplied by National Power Corporation with the Manila Electric Company and the Batangas Electric CooperativeI-II as main power distributors
Water Provided by respective city/ municipal water districts/waterworks Through pumps and waterworks systems tapping underground source, rivers, springs and streams
CommunicationTelephone services (land-based and cellular), fax/telegraph operations, door to door service, couriers cable television stations, radio broadcast stations, newspapers and postal service

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