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Key Industries

Critical Skills

I. Manufacturing


Cylinder controllers, Electricians, Equipment/Machine Operators, Plumbers, power Plant / equipment operators, Tig/Arc & Structural welders, mechanics, process Engineers, Laboratory / Instruments Technician, Quality controllers.


Welders, Structural Fitters, Pipefitters, Riggers, gas Cutter, Machine Operators, Crane Operators, Electricians, Machinists, CADD Operators

3. Automotive

Gas, Diesel Engine Mechanics, Auto Aircon Electricians, Arc Welders, Auto body repairmen, Machinists

4. Electronics

Engineers, Technicians, Operators, QA Technician / Quality Controller

5. Agriculture

Farm Technicians, Animal Breeder, Plant Breeder

6. Hotel And Restaurant / Tourism

Food and beverage service workers, housekeeping / chambermaids, Kitchen cooks / culinary experts, Personnel clerks / assistants, carpenters, electricians, plumbers